'Coronation Street' star Sally Ann Matthews experienced the worst moment of her life when she lost her child out shopping.

Sally Ann Matthews

Sally Ann Matthews

The 47-year-old actress experienced every parent's "worst nightmare" when she was trying on some clothes in a Next store and realised her son was missing.

Sally - who has two sons, Louis and James, with her husband Nick - recalled the harrowing experience on her Twitter account whilst she was watching new BBC One drama 'The Cry' on Sunday night (30.09.18), which is about a mother whose child is seemingly abducted.

She tweeted: "Absolutely your worst nightmare. Mine went missing in the changing rooms of Next and that was traumatic enough x #TheCry (sic)"

'The Cry' stars 'Victoria' actress Jenna Coleman as Joanna, a new mother who is suffering with post-natal depression following the birth of her son Noah. Her and her politician husband Alistair (Ewen Leslie) were seen distraught at the end of the first episode when they return to their car to find Noah is gone during a trip Australia.

The first instalment of the drama contained a scene depicting the family on a long-haul flight to Melbourne with Joanna struggling to cope with Noah who cries during the entire journey.

Sally empathised with Jenna's alter ego tweeting that she always makes a point during trips to "smile and engage" with parents and their offspring because mothers are "usually worried" they're "disturbing" other people who are sharing the same flight.

Sally wrote: "Anybody who looks at a mother or father with a young child on a flight with disdain is clearly not a parent themselves. On the rare occasion I fly I always make a point to smile and engage. Even if the young un is fine the parent is usually worried they're disturbing x (sic)"

The soap star continued to say she shares the same attitude with young children when she is "out shopping" and says it's the little things that can "mean the world" to someone.

Sally wrote: "Out shopping I swear people think I'm weird. I remember when mine were little that the smile and reassuring nod from a stranger meant the world x (sic)"

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