Sally Dexter wants to be "more like" her 'Emmerdale' alter ego Faith Dingle.

Sally Dexter

Sally Dexter

The 58-year-old actress has admitted she's trying "desperately" to learn from her "straight talking" character as she has a more forthright and opinionated nature than herself.

In an interview with the Metro, she said: "She's very straight talking and I adore that. It's my aim to become slightly more like her.

"She's a woman who is not backward at coming forward and I can be. I'm trying desperately to learn from her."

But despite their differences, the actress finds it easy to channel her alter ego, and she can't wait to portray the character in more outrageous scenes.

She said: "In a way I don't feel like I have to do anything - by the time the clothes are on and the hair and make-up are done, I kind of provide a pulse and that's it.

"The writing is brilliant for her, they have got it so spot on as she just seems so real to me. With both drama and comedy, the satisfying thing is the truth of it.

"The funniest things in life is what happens genuinely. She's not a stand up comedienne, she just has extremely pithy, honest things to say and they just happen to be funny."

Despite embracing her character's lighter side, Sally is also looking forward to showing Faith as a tower of strength in supporting Chas (Lucy Pargeter) through the loss of her baby Grace.

She said: "She puts her heart and soul into being there for them - sometimes it's to good effect and sometimes they kind of wish she'd just go away. But she's not going to do that!"