Sally Lindsay cried for "five years" during her time on 'Coronation Street'.

Sally Lindsay

Sally Lindsay

The 44-year-old actress starred as Shelley Unwin on the ITV soap, but has switched her focus to more comedic roles - such as her part in the reboot of 'Open All Hours' - in recent years because she finds it to be more uplifting.

She said: "I've cried for five years on 'Corrie'. That's why I've done comedy for the last 14 years."

Sally appeared on the soap from 2001 and 2006, and she's thankful for having that experience to fall back on.

She told the Daily Express newspaper: "The great thing is I know I can do that, so if I have to do it it's fine."

Away from TV roles, Sally also has ambitions to try her hand at theatre work in the near future.

The actress shared: "I would love to do theatre. I've thought about it. Any script that's good, I'm not bothered. I can do anything."

Meanwhile, Sally previously claimed she would be happy to make a return to 'Coronation Street'.

The TV star said that although she's not interested in going back to the cobbles anytime soon, she's open to the idea in the future.

Speaking in late 2016, Sally said: "I always say never say never but at the moment, no, I love 'Coronation Street' and I had a wonderful time there. I don't watch it now though, it's like looking at your old workplace."

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