Sam Bailey was rushed to hospital this week after she was knocked out by a ladder.

Sam Bailey (c) Instagram

Sam Bailey (c) Instagram

The former 'X Factor' winner was taken to Leicester Royal Infirmary via ambulance on Tuesday (02.01.18) after she was thrown to the floor when the climbing apparatus fell from the loft hatch and smashed her on the head - knocking her out "cold for an hour."

The 40-year-old singer's agent Victoria Tyson, said in a statement: "Sam had got a suitcase out for her daughter Brooke who is going on a skiing trip.

"The ladder sprang back and hit her and she was knocked out cold. Her husband Craig was there and called the ambulance but Sam was on the floor for about an hour."

The brunette star spent the rest of the day in hospital being monitored by medical staff before being given the all-clear in the early evening and being discharged.

Although it was no doubt a frightening time for Sam and her family, the former prison officer saw the funny side as she took to her Instagram account afterwards to share a photograph of her in a neck brace on a stretcher waiting to have a CT scan.

She tweeted: "So this was me tonight! Unconscious! Ct scan and after finding out my skull is in still intact I've decided im not going to go In the loft again! (sic)"

The incident has meant that Sam has had to pull out of the pantomime production of 'Beauty & The Beast' - in which she plays Enchantress - in order to recover.

The pantomime tweeted: "Unfortunately, @SamBaileyREAL is unable to perform in today's shows of #BeautyBeastLeicester #LeicesterPanto. Her part of the Enchantress in these performances will again be played by Mae Grocock. (sic)"

And, although she's on the "mend", she's still suffering with dizzy spells and headaches.

She wrote :"Due to the fact I'm having dizzy spells and having headaches, my wonderful hairdresser @MalcMurphyHair came to me!!! Thankyou soooo much!! Love you!!! #stayawayfromloftdoors (sic)".

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