Sam Faiers has given birth to her second child.

Sam Faiers

Sam Faiers

The 26-year-old television personality and her partner Paul Knightley have welcomed their baby, a little girl, into the world.

In a statement, her representative said: "Samantha and Paul are delighted to welcome a baby girl into the world, both mother and baby are doing well."

And Sam - who also has Paul Tony, 23 months - had previously confessed she wants "more" children.

She said: "I want more. I think I'll have a bit more of a gap after this baby. And then when they're both at school, free up a bit of time and get your life back ... He [Paul] wants a big family too.

"I think it would be lovely to have a little boy because they're brothers and they would grow up together but equally I'd like a little girl because I'd feel blessed that I've got one of each."

And Sam has admitted nothing could prepare her for the moment she became a mother because of the unconditional love she has.

She added: "I'm really laid back and I'd say I'm a really laid-back mum too, so I kind of took it in my stride. Nothing can prepare you. My sister, when she first had Nellie, I was round there every day so I was kind of prepared but actually when you have your own, nothing can prepare you."

Sam announced she was pregnant in a sweet Instagram post in July.

She shared at the time: "Words can't describe how excited we are to meet you baby We love you so much already #babynumber2 #2under2. (sic)"

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