Sam Thompson once caught chlamydia.

Sam Thompson

Sam Thompson

The 'Made in Chelsea' star has revealed he once contracted the sexual transmitted infection, a common bacterial infection spread through sex, after he got frisky between the sheets with someone new without wearing a condom.

Speaking to the Mail Online's Femail, he said: "It was as a result of making the mistake of not using a condom when I slept with someone new.

"It was a really hard time for me, I had to face the embarrassment of telling a girl I really liked that I'd potentially given her an STI. I was quite nervous to admit to everyone, but actually I think the more we talk about these things the better."

The 25-year-old hunk opened up about his experience in Public Health England's Protect Against STIs campaign as he wants more people to talk about STIs.

He explained: "I really think we need to start normalising the conversation around condoms and sexual health, so I think that the more people see condoms or hear talk about sexual health in their TV shows and on social media the better."

Meanwhile, Sam is determined to stay single for a while after splitting from his long-term girlfriend Tiffany Watson last year because the break up was "pretty raw."

He said: "When I got dumped I was pretty raw.

"I'd never really had a relationship before and we were together for three and a half felt like I'd lost a loved one. A death almost.

"My confidence was pretty low; when someone knows you that well they know all your positive and negative attributes and if they still don't want to be with you, your insecurity levels can be pretty mega. Then I did 'Celebs Go Dating' and the guys over there built me up again and I feel better in myself."