Sandra Martin would love to go on 'Celebrity Big Brother' - but she thinks she talks too much for producers to trust her.

Sandra Martin

Sandra Martin

The former 'Gogglebox' star - who has been rumoured for the Channel 5 show in the past - has revealed she would be happy to go back into the world of reality TV, but she doesn't know if she'd be able to "keep a secret" to keep any appearance a surprise.

During an appearance on 'Loose Women' on Tuesday (13.02.18), she said: "I left 'Gogglebox', I'm waiting for a door to open...

"I'd definitely wanna go into the 'Big Brother' house but I don't think they want me because I talk too much. You have to keep a secret... I love scandal."

The reality TV star admitted she has blown the £70,000 she received for 'Gogglebox' over the years, but she doesn't "regret" it because she helped people in her community at the time thanks to her newfound wealth.

She added: "To tell you the honest truth, I never help, so money was squandering... Not only that, my friends in the community -

they needed food for their children. I've got four kids, of course I wanna give them a grand!"

Sandra, who has returned to the job centre to claim benefits again, previously told everyone she was set for 'Celebrity Big Brother' earlier this year, but she didn't appear in the series.

She'd said at the time: "I'm so happy right now, I'm in a great place. I'm going into 'Celebrity Big Brother' next week and I'm so excited."