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The much-anticipated teaser trailer for the new Sex and the City reboot, opens with the hub of NYC, punctuated by the sound of typing from the one and only columnist herself, and oddly enough... ends that way too, and no there is not anything in between.

We are gifted with only 38 seconds and not much else if we are being truly honest, they really were not joking when they said it was a ‘teaser’, ‘treat them mean to keep them keen’ is certainly a risky mantra to follow in television.

While the titular 'city' does characterise so much of what the show is about and the metropolis which is the city of New York draws us in and undoubtedly has our hearts, it is the microcosm of the four women's lives which really captivated so many of us.

It serves as a reminder that, amidst all the hustle and bustle, most importantly there are people, with differences, preferences and lives just like you and me (albeit slightly more glamorous).

When the announcement came that they were bringing back the fabulous four Manhattanites that had taught us so much about friendship, sexual liberation, and cosmopolitans, I was just as excited as the next person...probably a bit more.

But then the dip of the roller coaster came as our expectations were realigned (jolted) as we learnt four would actually be three.

This begs the question...Bradshaw is back but where is Samantha?

No answers were presented about Kim Cattrall's character's whereabouts but that was never just going to be spelled out to us and if they had written off Samantha in a mere 38 seconds, what would that say about the respect for the show's legacy?

So, no love lost there, it would not be fair for us to expect HBO to give everything away from the off, same as we would never begrudge a card player keeping their cards to their chest, but why are the other characters seemingly MIA?

Did Samantha take them hostage? Do we need to file some kind of missing person's report? We just do not know, but that is the extent of the burning questions for me.

Some people have said that the newly released teaser trailer has left them with countless questions but personally I find that rather puzzling.

Like many with an investment in the show, I was aching to get a sneak peak of the new SATC reboot but I would be lying if I said I was not filled with disappointment, or possibly more fairly, confusion.

Overall, I found it very underwhelming, this reboot does of course still have potential, but this teaser trailer itself just was not it.

My anticipation for this trailer and the sentiments that followed, reminded me far too much of dashing down the stairs expecting to find your dinner ready for you, only to find out it is not.

Because similarly then, no matter how good it is going to be or could be, an element of the excitement just disappears and if you are not careful, so does your audience's interest.

However, though this trailer has not instilled excitement within us, I for one am still looking forward to another dose of Sex and the City.

The show’s creator, Darren Star, said himself that “It’s a time capsule because New York is such an important part of the show, but it also continues to connect to a new audience because all of the questions Carrie explores are timeless. They’re relevant to every generation”. And he is not wrong in the slightest, the show, the characters, the legacy, have all stood the test of time so far, let’s hope it remains this way.

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