Shayne Ward is still "massively involved" with suicide awareness campaigns.

Shayne Ward

Shayne Ward

The 33-year-old actor left 'Coronation Street' earlier this year when his alter ego Aidan Connor tragically took his own life, and the former 'X Factor' winner was delighted the storyline got people talking about the subject, and he's still working with charities to end the stigma surrounding depression in men.

He told OK! Online: "I'm massively heavily involved with Mind and Calm and we just want to continue that awareness.

"It was an amazing response from the public and long may it continue. It got a lot of men talking and that's what we were aiming for so we're very happy."

Shayne is currently sporting a fuller beard, which he grew for a mystery project and he's decided to keep the facial fuzz because he thinks it's good for auditions - even if people don't always recognise him.

He said: "I can't say much but I've just finished my very first film so that'll be out this time next year, we're very excited. I thought I'd keep the beard for a bit, it's quite funny actually because people I know don't recognise me.

"Even my cousin didn't recognise me the other day. I'm going to keep it for a little while because it's good for castings and I'm taking a step out of my comfort zone and people can see me in a different light."

Shayne shot to fame when he won the second series of 'The X Factor' and he's still a fan of the show.

He said: "I've seen one or two of the auditions. I love Robbie [Williams] on the panel, I love Louis [Tomlinson] on the panel. It's always good when Simon [Cowell] makes that shake up and keeps it fresh, it should be a good season.

"I think anyone's that been on the show, it doesn't matter whether you win it or not, you've been through the same process of everyone else.

"With the incredible success of One Direction, you're going to listen to the boys because they've been there and they do know what they're talking about."

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