Sheridan Smith had chicken nugget Happy Meals on her rider for her latest TV show.

Sheridan Smith

Sheridan Smith

The 37-year-old actress has been filming upcoming ITV drama 'Cleaning Up', and it's said she regularly asked for the McDonald's order so she could chomp on the chicken treats, which are covered in a delicious crispy coating, while she was on set.

An insider told The Sun's Bizarre TV column: "Sheridan was militant about making sure she had the meal ready for her every day."

In the show, Sheridan appears as an office cleaner who gets insider trading information and is able to turn her luck around.

The star previously opened up about her struggles to lose weight she put on to play Julie Bushby in 'The Moorside', which was based on the shocking disappearance of Shannon Matthews in 2008.

Speaking last year, she said: "I put on some weight for 'The Moorside' and I've still got a load, but I'm trying to lose it.

"I wanted to get into the character and became very good friends with Julie. Julie is a lot taller than me so it was about bulking up."

Sheridan - who is engaged to Jamie Horn after he proposed earlier this year - recently revealed she feels she has "come out of the other side" after she "lost the plot" following her father's death in 2016.

She said: "I kind of lost the plot after that and had a massive meltdown.

"I ran away. There's that kind of northern, 'Keep calm and carry on' vibe - we're all like that. I feel I've come out the other side now."

However, that was a time she was convinced her career was over and during her break from acting, she got a number of tattoos, including lotuses, a butterfly and diamonds on her hands, and now thinks she was an "idiot" for doing so.

She previously admitted: "I just covered myself. I've got more down my sides and my legs. And now I've gone back to work. What an idiot...

"The good thing is that, these days, I'm mainly playing cardigan wearers. Chunky mums, that's my roles now. So as long as I cover my hands, I'm good for a few more years!"

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