Sheridan Smith is heading to Amsterdam's Red Light District to research a new role.

Sheridan Smith

Sheridan Smith

The 'Moorside' actress is to play leading British porn star Jolene Dollar in Channel 4 drama 'Adult Material', and she is planning to pick up some tips for the part by travelling to the Dutch city, which houses a number of sex workers, and features several sex shops and a sex museum.

She said: "I went to Amsterdam once. I want to go back for research."

Sheridan has taken on a number of huge parts during her career, including the late, great Cilla Black in 'Cilla', and Charmian Biggs, the wife of Ronnie Biggs, the infamous Great Train Robber, in 'Mrs Biggs', and the 37-year-old star admitted researching roles is her "favourite bit" of acting.

She is quoted by The Sun's Bizarre TV column as saying: "I love playing different characters. I love the research part of it. That is my favourite bit actually.

"I just love people and how we are all different but all the same."

'Adult Material' will examine how the industry has changed over the years, looking at life on the factory floor in 2018, and Sheridan believes it is the "perfect time" to tell Jolene's story.

She said: "'Adult Material' tackles some really important topics, topics that I'm sure will resonate with people up and down the UK. I think its taboo-busting drama which not only confronts these questions head on but is also a brilliantly brave and unabashed story told with real heart.

"Thanks to broadcasters such as Channel 4 and Lucy's thought-provoking and insightful writing, Adult Material gives Jolene the platform and voice she deserves and it feels like the perfect time to tell her story.

"I've played some truly fascinating women in my career, from all walks of life, and I can't wait to step into Jolene's shoes."

Lucy Kirkwood, who has written the drama, added: "I am delighted that Channel 4 has given Jolene a home, it feels like exactly the right place and the right time to look at the way that economics colours every aspect of female experience.

"I am also over the moon to be working with Sheridan again, she is an actor of genius and I know that in her brilliant hands Jolene will be warm, funny, complicated and truthful."

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