Sheridan Smith's new drama 'No Return' will air on ITV next month.

Sheridan Smith stars in No Return

Sheridan Smith stars in No Return

The 40-year-old actress will star alongside Michael Jibson as parents Kathy and Martin in the four-part series focused on a life-changing family trip to Turkey.

The broadcaster has confirmed the first episode will premiere on February 7 at 9pm.

In the drama, the family's hopes of a relaxing holiday take a turn as the couple's teenage son Noah gets arrested, with the parents left battling for their boy's freedom.

Sheridan recently opened up on the intense drama and admitted there was "lots of crying" on set.

She said: "There was a lot of angst during filming. Lots of crying, lots of screaming, lots of constant tension."

The star thinks people will be able to relate to the show and its characters, as she found herself tapping into her own feelings for the role.

She explained: "What happens to this family is so unexpected. They go off on holiday to Turkey, which they have been really looking forward to, and it turns into a disaster when their son Noah is arrested.

"I'm sure people will think about what they would do if that was their child...

"When I read the script, and then when I was playing the role, I was thinking, 'My god, if this was my son Billy, I can't imagine how I would feel.' "

Despite the "harrowing" experience on set, Sheridan is hoping viewers will be hooked and desperate to find out how the story unfolds.

She added: "It was harrowing to film. I've done lots of different roles but this is just like a hell ride – you don't really come up for air until the end... I hope viewers will be gripped to see what happens next."

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