Sheridan Smith's new fiance was reportedly approached for 'Love Island'.

Sheridan Smith

Sheridan Smith

The 36-year-old actress' new man Jamie Horn was reportedly scouted by bosses of the dating show at the beginning of the year but he turned them down because he's not "interested in fame" and is looking forward to settling down with his partner.

Jamie's mother Sandra told the MailOnline: "When James first met her as a friend a few years ago he had absolutely no idea she was famous. I'm so glad him and his brother turned down 'Love Island' when they were scouted at STK earlier this year - shows you they are nice normal boys who just want to make it their way in the world."

The insurance broker began dating Sheridan three months ago after they stumbled across one another on the dating site Tinder and he's so adamant that she's the one that he popped the question with a stunning £10,000 ring earlier this month.

A source said: "Sheridan is head over heels in love. Jamie is very serious about her. He has introduced Sheridan to his mum already. Sheridan is head over heels in love with Jamie. He bought her a ring to propose, a very expensive one actually, it's about £10,000. She doesn't wear the ring on her finger, she's got a necklace. She wears it there because she doesn't want people to see that she's got a ring."

And, although it's still early days, Sheridan has already moved out of her home in North London and into a new rented property that's "perfect" for both of them.

An insider said recently: "Things moved so fast between them.

"She moved out of her house in Crouch End, North London, to move into a rented pad that she thought was perfect for them. Jamie has been driving her expensive white Mercedes sports car and is very much a fixture in her life.

"Sheridan wants to be with him whenever possible, including at work. They've even bought a dog together, which shows how serious she is about marrying him. They can't wait to have their first holiday together just them on a beach."

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