Sherrie Hewson would love to return to 'Benidorm'.

Sherrie Hewson

Sherrie Hewson

The 69-year-old actress played Joyce Temple-Savage in the ITV sitcom, and would relish the chance to reprise her role in the coming months.

Sherrie told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: "'Benidorm' was the most amazing job. We were out there for six months of the year for 10 years.

"Everyone who came out didn't go home. They paid for their own hotels so they could stay longer.

"We had the best time. I've had the best telly career ever and that ended with 'Benidorm'. And it's still on telly every day. I'd be back in a flash if Derren [Litten] brought it back. I've told him that."

Derren - who created the show - previously insisted 'Benidorm' won't return for another series.

But Sherrie isn't entirely convinced that will remain the case.

She said: "Never say never. I never go two steps without somebody stopping me saying they were thrilled it's on Netflix."

The actress - who played Maureen Webster in 'Coronation Street' - also revealed she's been wearing her attire from the series during the coronavirus lockdown.

She explained: "I have Joyce Temple-Savage's power dresses that I still wear. I have an evening dress from when we went to Neptune's."

Meanwhile, Sherrie has been trying to keep her spirits high amid the coronavirus pandemic by enjoying a few drinks during weekends.

She said: "We have a prosecco every Saturday ... it's 10am. By the time we finish, you can't hear what we're saying! It's hysterical."

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