Sherrie Hewson thinks ‘Loose Women’ doesn't have as much "freedom" nowadays due to fears about being cancelled.

Sherrie Hewson says Loose Women doesn't have as much freedom nowadays

Sherrie Hewson says Loose Women doesn't have as much freedom nowadays

The actress - who spent 16 years on the ITV daytime panel show - believes the panellists cannot say as much as they used to be able to, compared to when she was on the show.

The 71-year-old actress - who left the show in 2016 - said: “We had had the most amazing rows. It was all real, it wasn’t put on.

“We had a lot of freedom then but it’s not there now.”

Sherrie admitted there were "ups and downs" on the programme, but overall she had the "best of times" on the show.

She is quoted by the Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: "We had lots of ups and downs. But I had the best of times.”

Recently, the former ‘Emmerdale’ actress admitted to still being in touch with her co-stars, such as Denise Welch, whose dad recently passed away from pneumonia.

She said: “I was there for 16 years, so we have a connection. I knew Denise Welch’s dad Vin well. I know what Denise is going through, having lost my brother. I feel for her so much.”

Sherrie also admitted she misses her late 'Benidorm' co-star John Challis, who died in September aged 79.

She said: "He was just the most gorgeous man. We were always drinking red wine.

"I used to hug him a lot and he used to say, 'Can you just stop?' And I’d say, 'But I just want to hug you!' And he’d say, 'Don’t do it when my wife is here because it just looks wrong.' "