Channel 4 is planning a reboot of reality TV series 'Shipwrecked'.

Former Shipwrecked star Stephen Bear

Former Shipwrecked star Stephen Bear

The show - which was narrated by former 'Coronation Street' actor Craig Kelly - saw contestants aged between 18 and 24 cast away on a tropical island and left to build their own version of paradise.

Inspired by the success of ITV's 'Love Island', Channel 4 is now planning to bring 'Shipwrecked' back to screens in 2019.

A source told The Sun: "Lots of people have fond memories of watching 'Shipwrecked' in their youth and dreaming about joining the fun in paradise.

"Now Channel 4 have decided to give millennials the same experience, after 'Love Island' proved sun-kissed hunks and beauties frolicking in a tropical setting can result in huge ratings.

"While there have been similar shows recently, like 'The Island' and 'Mission Survive', they are all about making people miserable by forcing them to fight for their lives in the wild.

"On 'Shipwrecked', the biggest hardship the castaways faced was getting tan lines. It should go down well with the snowflake generation."

The show became the ultimate gap year experience with the young contestants lounging around in tiny bathing suits working on their tans, forming romances and arguing over who would do the chores.

'Shipwrecked' was one of the earliest reality TV series, launching the same years as the UK version of 'Big Brother' back in 2000. It ran for three series until 2001, before returning in 2006 as 'Shipwrecked: Battle Of The Islands', which saw the contestants divided into two groups to compete for a cash prize of up to £100,000.

In total the show ran for eight series with last season running on E4 in 2012.

Past contestants include TV presenters Jeff Brazier and Sarah-Jane Crawford, as well as 'Celebrity Big Brother' winner Stephen Bear.

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