Shirley Ballas is considering a mini facelift.

Shirley Ballas

Shirley Ballas

The 'Strictly Come Dancing' judge turned 60 this year and while she has already tried Botox, she admitted she would consider cosmetic surgery to help retain her youthful looks.

She told The Sun newspaper: "If I wanted a little lift or something because it makes me feel good about what I'm doing then, yes, I would consider it.

“It's OK for a 25-year-old to say, ‘Oh what did you do?' But when you reach 60 and there's so many things out there, there's laser-lifting or peeling of the face . . . 

“I had a little Botox but don't look like I've been in a wind tunnel."

Shirley revealed that turning 60 has made her reconsider plastic surgery.

She explained: "I'd have a mini-facelift.

"Your skin gets more wrinkled on your hands, your neck starts to go and your bum starts to sag, you take your bra off and the t****** fall to your knees.

"You get up every morning, there's another lump and bump and you think, ‘Where did that come from?'"

Shirley - who is loved up with boyfriend Danny Taylor - has previously had liposuction, breast implants, and implant removals, but recently explained she is still critical of her appearance.

She said: "I think that the surgeon did an amazing job on my boobs. I have scars underneath which Danny says look like two smiley faces. As for body image, it doesn't matter how much reassurance I get, I wouldn't get up in the morning and stand in front of the mirror."