'Silent Witness' star David Caves says Tom Cruise would be "proud" of his stunt work.

David Caves

David Caves

The actor - who has played Dr. Jack Hodgson in the BBC crime drama since 2013 - has promised some huge action scenes when the show returns for its 23rd series tonight (07.01.20), and he thinks the 'Mission: Impossible' star would approve of his approach to high speed car chases.

He told RadioTimes.com: "Tom Cruise would have been proud. I did all of [my own stunt work].

"They had little GoPro cameras hanging out of the van. So I was hanging out of the van. I was strapped in."

One moment in particular will see Jack brawling in a "moving vehicle".

David teased: "There are some fantastic car stunts in this series, actually.

"In the first story, I jump into a moving vehicle and have a bit of a fight in there... and I get almost thrown out of it as well."

The star also promised much more than road action, as the upcoming run kicks off with a cinematic, James Bond-esque plane crash.

A private jet goes down in the premiere, with the Lyell Centre's forensic experts called into action.

He said: "It was like a movie set. That was amazing. The art department did an incredible job with that. It was like a Bond film. It was incredible."

The new season will see Emilia Fox returning as Dr. Nikki Alexander, and the actress previously credited the show's "good writing" for its longevity.

She explained: "Good writing, that's what it's about. And picking subjects which are current and keeping it mixed up with having a thriller, or having an action one, or having one which is very, very medically led."

'Silent Witness' returns on January 7 and 8 at 9pm on BBC One.