Simon Gregson "hates" filming 'Coronation Street' weddings.

Simon Gregson

Simon Gregson

The 44-year-old actor's character Steve McDonald is due to marry for a seventh time and the second time to Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) this week, but Simon finds it a "nightmare" shooting such scenes because they tend to take place away from the usual set and involve "thousands" of people.

He said: "This is his seventh wedding but only his fifth wife as he married Karen and Tracy twice. The irony is I hate filming weddings! It is a nightmare as they take days out on location and have a cast of thousands.

"Fortunately for this one they built the hotel set on site so it made things a bit easier, it was fun to film, as you can imagine it doesn't go quite to plan."

Simon has starred as Steve since 1989, and while says he has injected some of his own sense of humour into his alter-ego, he would "need a couple of beers" before he could have a night out with his character.

He added: "I think I would get on with him, I think I'd need a couple of beers to go out with him though! I don't know anybody like him but maybe there are aspects of me, his sense of humour a little bit, but his is a toned down version of my sense of humour, you wouldn't get away with the things that make me laugh at the time 'Corrie' goes out!

"The daftness and the happy go lucky side of me is what I interjected into Steve. Much like Steve I also like anything for an easy life and I do tend to mess around on set and make people laugh."

The 'Corrie' star would love to stay in Weatherfield for another 20 years, and wouldn't rule out Steve marrying another three times.

When asked if he could imagine still being on the show in 20 years with Steve set to marry for a 10th time, he said: "The first 30 years have gone in a flash so I would be very happy to stay and see Steve through to old age."