Simon Gregson has reportedly signed up to 'Celebrity Haunted Mansion'.

Simon Gregson

Simon Gregson

The 'Coronation Street' actor - who is known for playing clumsy cab driver Steve McDonald in the long-running - has agreed to take part in the show, despite usually turning his nose up at reality television, because he's "obsessed" with paranormal.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "It's a real coup for the series as Simon is a huge telly star with a loyal following.

"Simon usually turns down offers to appear on TV shows other than 'Corrie', but when this opportunity came along he had to take part. Simon used to say the old 'Coronation Street' set was haunted and tell crew that he saw strange things on set, which has led to an interest in the paranormal. He's keen to challenge his fears."

The 43-year-old star will take part in the creepy show, which will see all-star teams set up home in a mysteriously unfinished gothic estate, alongside Katie Price as they're forced to come face-to-face with some mind-boggling paranormal activity.

But the 39-year-old former glamour model is certainly no stranger to ghost hunting as she invited Lee Roberts - a UK paranormal investigators - to her house recently.

The 'Loose Women' panellist is also used to sharing her home with eerie figures as she admitted last year that she had to call a medium in to get rid of some spirits.

She explained at the time: "Most of my houses are haunted. When I've had mediums rounds they say it's me. I have an aura around me...

"We had it cleared because it was haunted and we had to get rid of the ghosts. The kids would sometimes scream in the night.

"On one occasion I heard [son] Junior screaming, 'Help, help,' in the middle of the night and I went up to see him and he said he'd seen someone outside."

'Celebrity Haunted Mansion' will air on the W channel and will be hosted by Christine Lampard and Matt Richardson. More celebrities will be announced in due course.