Sir Michael Parkinson

Sir Michael Parkinson

Sir Michael Parkinson has branded ITV's The Jonathan Ross Show as "daft".

The veteran broadcaster expressed his disappointment about the lack of in-depth interviews on talk shows, describing Jonatha's as silly for the playful chats included.

Speaking about the programme he told Yorkshire Evening Post: "[It is] an event thing with everybody having a good time and being daft."

Whilst he went on to praise Graham Norton for his talk show skills, he berated Piers Morgan for having an awful television format, despite having "always been a good interviewer".

However he now believes that no shows have recaptured a classic format because the public aren't interested in serious interviews and programme-makers are "bureaucrats".

"I'm sure there are some young eager beavers out there, men and women, who would do a very classic talk show, an interview programme, but nobody seems very interested.

"I was very lucky that when I was there it was run by programme makers... They were either very good journalists or very good at showbusiness. They weren't bureaucrats. Now it seems to me there are more bureaucrats than anything else. It shows in the broadcasting."

Despite mourning the lack of classic methods, he has no wishes to return to the small screen.

"Not that I'm volunteering - I've done my stint."

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