Sky has recently announced that a new and exciting series will be making its way onto the platform in 2022.

Picture Credit: Sky Studios

Picture Credit: Sky Studios

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A Town Called Malice is set to arrive on Sky sometime next year (2022); it will consist of eight parts and have an electric soundtrack, fitting in with the 1980s theme. It takes place on Costa del Sol, and follows a family who is not happy about where they have landed on the food chain.

Filming on this brand-new project is rumoured to begin later on this year (2021) and will run into 2022, seeing locations such as London and Spain.

A Town Called Malice is created by Nick Love (Bulletproof, The Sweeney), who is also the lead writer for the series. It is co-produced by Vertigo Films, Sky Studios, and Rogue State.

Despite no news of casting just yet, we can still get excited for this series as the plot will no doubt derive excitement from all potential viewers.

The series will follow the Lords, a crime family of trivial thieves from South London; but they have fallen down to the bottom of the criminal food chain, and are less than pleased about it.

Gene Lord, the youngest son in the family, is often overlooked and forsaken by the rest of his so-called family, who fail to see his deadly instincts and impressive intelligence. After escaping a gangland battle by the skin of their teeth, Gene and his feisty partner Cindy, flee to Spain to avoid being arrested.

The pair of formidable lovers end up in the middle of the local underworld, and problems follow them like moths to a flame.

Once the other Lords join Gene and his girlfriend on the Costa del Sol, they soon realise that they have been given the perfect opportunity to re-invent themselves; they can frame who they are in any way they want, something which they hope will bring back their former glory.

The plan the Lords have created vexes Gene and Cindy, who have a very different scheme in mind.

A Town Called Malice will be an exciting, thrilling and powerful series, and a musical love letter to the wonderful decade that was the 80s.

The series will be filled with romance, obsession, brutality, lies, confidence and strange family ties.

Love has said that he is “over excited and hugely grateful to Sky for supporting my vision once again – I have lived and breathed Malice for the past few years, and for it finally to come to fruition, is a dream come true.”

A Town Called Malice will be on Sky sometime in 2022.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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