Stacey Dooley will explore the lives of homeless teenagers in a new documentary.

Stacey Dooley

Stacey Dooley

The 31-year-old broadcaster will meet with vulnerable young people and share their stories in 'Stacey Dooley: The Young And Homeless' for BBC Children in Need, which will broadcast on BBC One on 13 November.

Stacey said: "Our film for BBC Children in Need, shares stories from some incredible teenagers from across the UK facing the struggles of finding a stable roof over their heads.

"I am so grateful to all of the brave young people involved and hope that their honesty will go on to start a really important conversation about today's homeless young people.

"In addition, the film highlights how organisations and projects funded by public donations and charities such as BBC Children in Need go on to change the lives of young people who find themselves homeless or at risk or homelessness.

"I hope the British public are encouraged to tune in and donate to BBC Children in Need to enable the charity to continue to support children and young people who need it most."

Among those featured in the documentary is Shelby, 18, who became homeless after leaving the care system, and the teenager told Stacey how she would rather walk the streets than fall asleep as she worries about being robbed.

She said: "We just walk around... it's every man for themselves around here so it's [sleeping on the streets] not beneficial at all, it's dangerous.

"I think people misunderstand the concept of being homeless, because they think it's just people with a sleeping bag but it's not actually like that. There's more depth to it - anyone can be homeless.

"You can be homeless and have make-up, you don't have to look homeless to be homeless. A lot of people try their best not to look homeless because they are - so it's hidden. There are a lot more homeless people that what you can see with your eyes, Anyone can be homeless."

The documentary will also highlight the work of organisations such as Streetlife in Blackpool and Encompass South West in North Devon, which are supported by BBC Children in Need and become a lifeline to vulnerable young people.