Stephanie Davis admitted returning to 'Hollyoaks' is like "going home".

Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis

The 25-year-old actress was fired from the soap three years ago but recently reprised her role as Sinead O'Connor, and though initially getting back on set "was weird", the brunette beauty couldn't be happier to be back.

She said: "It's amazing, it's been one big journey then to come back after so long was weird, because it felt like I'd been away for ages and then it was like I'd never left.

"Obviously, Bryan [Kirkwood, executive producer] has been amazing, and all the cast, it's just like going home."

Stephanie reached out to showrunner Bryan about the possibility of a return to the soap earlier this year, and was unaware he'd already contacted her representatives, so they are both thrilled her comeback has worked out, and the actress is much more appreciative of the show now than previously.

Speaking at a screening of the show's upcoming Storm Week episodes, she said: "It was weird, I was just sat there one day and thought, 'I'm missing doing what I love, I'm gonna text Bryan,' and I did but I didn't know he was speaking to my agent as well, but he invited me back and it was quite emotional actually.

"It's been a long journey, I was there when I was 16, I grew up with the show so it's amazing to go back.

"I appreciate that a lot more now and how amazing it is, the scripts, the show and everyone I'm working with. It's like a big family."

Bryan added: "We're very, very proud of her."

Stephanie played Sinead from 2010 to 2015 when she was axed from the role, and in 2016 she appeared in 'Celebrity Big Brother', where she met Jeremy McConnell, and the pair later embarked on a relationship outside the house.

In February, Stephanie said she was an alcoholic and that she admitted herself to rehab following her split from Jeremy, who she has 21-month-old son Caben with.

Jeremy was sentenced to 20 weeks in prison after assaulting Stephanie, but insisted in July that he is now a "different person" following a stint in rehab.

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