Stephen Bear's puppy has died.

Stephen Bear and Wolverine (c) Instagram

Stephen Bear and Wolverine (c) Instagram

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' winner has been left heartbroken after he woke up this morning (10.05.18) to find his nine-week-old pooch Wolverine dead in his blanket - just four days after he had his new furry friend's name tattooed on his neck.

Taking to his Instagram account, the 28-year-old star uploaded a movie montage of Wolverine's best bits and accompanied it with the caption: "In life nothing really upsets me. But to find my wolverine this morning dead in his blanket has left me broken. I will be off social media for a few days . R.I.P my boy . I love you. (sic)"

Bear introduced his fans to Wolverine at the beginning of last month but he hasn't had the best of luck with the pup as he was forced to undergo an operation on his leg just a few weeks later - and it seems the vet wasn't willing to discharge the youngster.

Alongside a video of Wolverine trotting around with a blue bandage on his leg and a shield around his neck, Bear wrote: "You wouldn't understand the drama I've had getting my boy wolverine back . Today is the happiest day of my life (sic)"

A few weeks later, he uploaded a photograph of Wolverine with three legs, but it's not yet known why the little one had to have his limb amputated.

Bear's girlfriend Ellie O'Donnell also took to her Instagram account after she heard of the sad news this morning to pay her respects to the "sweetest little thing."

She said: "Woken up to the saddest news today unfortunately little wolverine has passed away he was a little fighter, born with an illness leading to lots of vet treatments even getting his little arm amputated but unfortunately it wasn't enough and it got the better of him.

"I'm so sad, he was the sweetest little thing and has been through so much. Thinking of you @stevie_bear keep your head up you did everything you could (sic)."

And, despite all the medical issues Bear had with Wolverine, he was planning to buy another puppy called Logan in three weeks' time to give his pooch a "best friend."

Alongside a photograph of a similar-looking puppy, Bear wrote: "Picking up Wolverines new best friend in 3 weeks .. meet Logan (sic)."

It's not yet known whether Bear is still planning to take Logan on.