Stephen McGann was too nervous to speak to Jodie Whitaker.

Stephen McGann's NTA screenshot (c) Twitter

Stephen McGann's NTA screenshot (c) Twitter

The 'Call the Midwife' actor was captured smiling in delight behind Jodie at this year's National Television Awards, and he took to Twitter to post the picture, which also captured the former 'Doctor Who' showrunner Steven Moffatt in the background.

He captioned the image: "Greatly enjoying the doctor vibe in this audience shot from tonight's NTAs. pictured: 13th Doctor; 8th Doctor's brother - a TV doctor; Background, wearing death-ray hat, former Doctor Who producer. #NTAs (sic)"

Despite being the brother of Paul McGann, the eighth Doctor Who, he admitted he was unable to speak to the actress who has taken over as the first female Time Lord.

He told "I'm way too nervous. WAY too nervous.

"How great a picture was that? You're not supposed to talk about just how cool it is to be the eighth Doctor's brother as well, and the fact is, when you looked at - hang on a minute, that's the thirteenth!

"But my favourite bit is still [Steven] Moffatt [former 'Doctor Who' showrunner] with this glorious light shining behind him, and I couldn't resist it.

"What's always wonderful about 'Doctor Who' is, it went right around the world, far more than my normal witterings do, you know, and it went right around, and you get reminded every now and again that the worldwide love for that show is just so universal.

"And just, there's a little bit of a thrill having her in the front, and him behind. Still after all these years, you just go..."

Jodie made her debut in the festive special last month and will appear later this year for the full series alongside Mandip Gill, Tosin Cole and funnyman Bradley Walsh.

The brunette beauty has taken over the role from Peter Capaldi - who played the Doctor for four years - while Chris Chibnall has become the new show runner following Steven's exit.

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