'Steph's Packed Lunch' has been commissioned for a second series.

Steph McGovern

Steph McGovern

The Channel 4 show launched in September and although there have been reports of low ratings, it's been recommissioned for another series by the broadcaster.

Steph McGovern, the show's host, said: "I’ve been having a cracking time making 'Packed Lunch' with my brilliant show family and fab team behind the scenes. We’ve had some amazing guests and told some fantastic and inspirational stories."

Jo Street, the head of daytime and features for Channel 4, hailed the achievement of launching the show amid the coronavirus crisis, and suggested that the programme's popularity is now on the rise.

Jo explained: "Launching a daily live programme in the most challenging of circumstances is no mean feat, and Jayne Stanger and the team have created a fun and lively show with a lot of heart.

"We know it takes a long time to change daytime viewing habits and I’m thrilled with the sustainable audience growth we’ve seen."

Steph starred on 'BBC Breakfast' before launching the show last year.

And the 38-year-old presenter previously admitted that coronavirus restrictions had made her job much more difficult.

The TV star - who was hosting the show from her living room in Harrogate - explained: "You’re relying solely on technology and there were so many times I didn’t even know if I was on telly anymore, and it was just me chatting in my room.

"Technically, I feel I’ve been through the worst that could ever happen."

Despite this, Steph thinks the lockdown encouraged her to work in a more creative way.

She said: "When we did the lockdown show, it was obviously very different to what I wanted to do on telly, but it was a great opportunity to try different content."