Steve Coogan wants to find out how far Alan Partridge can go "until he falls off a cliff".

Steve Coogan

Steve Coogan

The 55-year-old actor has opened up on his famous comic creation - who returns on Friday (30.04.21) with a second series of BBC One show 'This Time' - and admitted there is a lot more to come from the character, although he could "implode" if he pushes things too far.

Speaking at a virtual event to launch the new season, he said: "I would like to keep coming back as long as I think it’s funny…

"The thing about Alan is the world changes and then Alan is a reflection of that changing world, so it can keep going.

“And you can keep sort of tightening the nut with Alan. It might be that one day he oversteps the mark and implodes, but part of it is finding out – just keep pushing him until he falls off a cliff or something.”

Steve - who first played Alan on BBC Radio 4 show 'On The Hour' 30 years ago - admitted taking on other roles has reignited his passion for the role, and stopped him feeling like a "curse".

He explained: "If it was all I was doing, I would regard it as an albatross.

“But because I’m able to do these other things, that has sort of taken the curse off Alan for me.

"So that means that now I do Alan Partridge because I want to, not because I have to, and that’s really important for me.”

Now, the actor - who has recently appeared in the likes of 'Greed' and 'Stan & Ollie' - sees the hapless presenter as an "old friend".

He added: "People used to say, ‘When are you going to kill off Alan Partridge?’ They’ve just stopped asking that now.

“He’s sort of like an old friend. I wouldn’t like to never do it again because it’s enjoyable as part of everything else I do."

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