Critically-acclaimed Netflix original series Stranger Things will be making its season 2 debut a few days earlier than expected, it’s been revealed on the show’s official social media pages today. Check out the clip announcing the October 27 date below:

Originally, fans expected season 2 to start on October 31, after showrunners confirmed that a second season would begin on Halloween. Now though, it seems those plans have been thrown out of the window for an October 27 debut date, which means many binge-watching viewers will have finished watching the entire second season before Halloween even swings round!

Throughout the show’s first season, fans were introduced to the fictional world of Hawkins, where a young boy named Will went missing in mysterious circumstances, before the dangerous world of the Upside Down was opened up and explored by the residents searching for him.

House to a creature known as the Demogorgon, the Upside Down unleashed the threat upon the town, causing chaos thanks to dangerous experiments being conducted by shady figures. And of course, there was the arrival of a young girl known only as Eleven, who had some incredible super powers and saved some of the town’s younger residents from terrible fates on more than one occasion.

With the Demogorgon defeated, viewers now know that even worse threats are right around the corner for Hawkins, but exactly what they may be remains up in the air.

That and more will be explored when Stranger Things makes its official return on October 27.

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