Sue Holderness thinks political correctness would stop 'Only Fools and Horses' from being made today.

Sue Holderness

Sue Holderness

The 69-year-old actress played the role of Marlene Boyce in the iconic British sitcom, but Sue doubts whether the programme would be a success in the #MeToo era.

The actress - whose on-screen character famously had her bum pinched by Del Boy - explained: "It's a problem for writers. Would gentleman be allowed to pinch ladies' bottoms without being slapped in the face and have a writ put on them? I don't know.

"I must say I haven't had my bottom pinched for a long time so gentlemen must be a little bit more nervous.

"People still shout 'Marlene' at me in the street. There were occasions where I'd get my bottom pinched by complete strangers, that, I'm happy to report has stopped, which might be because of my great age now. Perhaps I look too old."

Sue also blasted people who have recently called the show racist.

Instead, she insisted the programme's humour was "very innocent" and not at all "offensive".

She told The Sun newspaper: "A lot of people on social media are saying 'Only Fools' is racist and there are lots of things you couldn't have and I think it's a pity that we've gone quite as politically correct as that.

"An awful lot of that stuff is funny and I find that very few people are actually offended, because if the joke's good enough ... It was really very innocent.

"And you absolutely knew Del and Rodney were not racist people, they were good eggs - none of it was offensive."