Sunetra Sarker has got married.

Sunetra Sarker

Sunetra Sarker

The 'Ackley Bridge' star has taken to her Instagram account to confirm she has wed her business partner Scott Carey - who she set up the food firm Keep Me Fresh with - after six years of dating.

She posted a picture on the social media account of her sharing a smooch with Scott on their wedding day, but didn't make a comment, preferring to let the romantic photo do the talking.

Sunetra's 'Ackley Bridge' co-star Amy-Leigh Hickman - who portrays her on-screen daughter Nasreen Paracha - also shared a snap of the beautiful bride.

She wrote: "The most beautiful bride you ever did see..

My Mumma Paracha got married (sic)"

The nuptials come two years after the 'Casualty' actress - who plays Dr. Zoe Hanna in the BBC medical drama - admitted she will not marry "just to prove to other people" that the pair are "happy", and she was concerned tying the knot might be a "jinx" for their relationship.

Speaking in 2016, she said: "I feel married, but, although I have a yearning to call Scott my husband, I don't want a wedding just to prove to other people how happy we are.

"Also, part of me worries it might jinx or ruin things in some way and make us take our relationship for granted.

"I honestly never imagined being as content emotionally as I am today, and all the decisions I've made since I was 40 have led to me now being at my most peaceful and fulfilled."

Despite being pals during their college days, Sunetra developed a special connection with Scott during a chance meeting years later.

She said: "Scott and I were friends all through college and met again by chance after we were both divorced. It was like a thunderbolt for us both at that reunion and we had such a connection, we knew we'd be together forever.

"We're like soppy teenagers who leave each other surprise love notes and have such a harmonious relationship - we both feel equally lucky to have found each other."

Sunetra competed on 'Strictly Come Dancing' in 2014 and despite announcing her split from her husband of 10 years, Nick Corfield, after the show, she insisted their break up had "nothing to do" with the show's so-called curse.

She previously said: "The truth is three years ago me and my husband amicably split up and it obviously had nothing to do with 'Strictly'."