With the major 'Invasion!' crossover event for all Arrowverse shows - Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl - right around the corner, the hype game has really been cranked up by broadcasting network The CW.

Chatting about filming with all four Arrowverse casts, Benoist said in a new video released by The CW: "It's really exciting to have everyone in one place. I think we're all really proud of our shows… It's a weird feeling to be in a room with [a] bunch of people wearing superhero outfits and it's not like, a costume party. It was a cool feeling. And it was basically everyone - everyone, there's so many people."

"I can't wait for people to see it, but I also was excited to fly in front of everyone. There were a few really awkward attempts, so I did kind of fall on my butt a little bit in front of everyone. But it was a fun; it was a supportive atmosphere."

Supergirl will see Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon travel from Earth-1 in an attempt to recruit Kara Danvers in the defense of their planet. When aliens land, it's not long before the Arrow and Legends characters also get involved, sparking an amazing one-off week of chaos, fun, twists and turns.

The crossover episodes kick off tonight in the US (November 28) with Supergirl on The CW, before continuing Tuesday with The Flash, Wednesday with Arrow and Thursday with Legends of Tomorrow, all airing at 8pm EST.

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