SuRie's 'Eurovision' performance was interrupted by a stage invader.

SuRie interrupted by stage invader

SuRie interrupted by stage invader

The British entry for the talent contest was on stage singing her track 'Storm' at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, Portugal when someone ran on stage and snatched the microphone from her hand. Understandably shocked by what had happened, SuRie looked confused as security wrestled with the invader and removed them from the stage.

However, SuRie then resumed her performance, wowing the crowds with 'Storm' as they chanted the track title in support. Following the performance, the 29-year-old singer received a standing ovation from the 20,000 people packed into the arena.

It is not known whether SuRie will have a chance to perform again following the interruption from the stage invader but it has been confirmed that SuRie is ok after the incident.

The UK arm of Eurovision wrote on their official Twitter account: "Just to confirm SuRie is ok. More news when we get it. #Eurovision (sic)"

Support for SuRie has flooded in on Twitter, with television presenter Lorraine Kelly writing: "Hope you are OK SuRie and not too shaken - did us proud. #Eurovision (sic)"

Whilst author J.K. Rowling added in her own post: "That was everyone who's ever been on stage's worst nightmare and it must have been scary, but what a pro, what a recovery @surieofficial #Eurovision (sic)"

Fans of SuRie also took to social media to praise the singer for handling the situation so well.

One wrote: "The way SuRie handled that will go down in the history books for one of the most iconic moments at Eurovision, very few people could do what she did after that. I would be afraid for my life after that (sic)"

Whilst another shared: "Someone tried to wrestle Surie's mic whilst she was performing her own song. She then carried on. What a hero. #Eurovision (sic)"