SuRie's 'Eurovision' performance is a "spectacle" but "classy".



The 29-year-old singer is hoping to take home the coveted trophy with a performance of her track 'Storm' on Saturday night (12.05.18) and her manager Bjorn Dobbelaere has teased what fans can expect from the big performance.

He said: "It's a perfect mix between a spectacle and a classy performance. The creative team and the BBC deserve only the highest praise for what they have achieved together with SuRie."

And Bjorn thinks SuRie has a good chance of doing well on the show because her performances making people "sit up and pay attention".

He added: "Eurovision has of course opened a door to the kind of exposure most unsigned performers and writers can only dream of. I think it's clear that she has shown herself to be an extraordinary ambassador for the UK as an artist. Her performances, the way she interacts with her audience on stage as well as through social media, and through the media in general, has made people sit up and pay attention, and is universally appreciated. She is a both-feet-on-the-ground, 100% truthful person and artist, and I feel that more and more people, in the UK as well as abroad, have come to love her for that."

And Bjorn is hoping SuRie will make it to the top spot as it would "open doors internationally" for the 'Storm' hitmaker.

He told Music Week: "I imagine it would be a career-maker in one sense, but at the same time nothing would change for her as an artist, meaning that she would just keep doing the things she has been doing for the last 15 years in exactly the same way. It would of course open doors internationally, it would create opportunities to perform and connect with people across Europe, to work with fellow writers, performers and producers who would otherwise not have known about her. And that would, of course, be amazing."