'Eurovision' hopeful SuRie had her rehearsal interrupted by a ghost.



The former 'Les Miserables' star is determined to pull out a show-stopping performance when she represents the UK in the 'Eurovision Song Contest' this weekend, but she's convinced someone is trying to sabotage her gig as a poltergeist started messing around with the sound when she was practicing her song 'Storm'.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, the 29-year-old singer said: "We were in the rehearsal making some tweaks to my performance. My vocal coach Mark had been playing the track out of his laptop but we wanted to change a few things.

"It was then I swear there was a poltergeist in the room. We had stopped the track and were talking through some notes and then all of a sudden it started playing.

"Suddenly the song was playing really loudly in the room - but no-one had been anywhere near the laptop. So we think something was definitely happening."

The spirit of a young girl is said live in Lisbon's Estoril district, close to the Alti Arena which is hosting tomorrow's (12.05.18) contest, and her appearance is so scary that it reportedly left one man - who saw her - on the verge of suicide.

SuRie - whose real name is Susanna Cork - explained: "I've never seen any evidence and am not sure what to believe. But this has got me thinking."

Despite the creepy goings on, SuRie feels "honoured" to be representing the UK.

She said recently: "I can't believe this is happening, it's absolutely amazing.

"It's such an honour to have the opportunity to represent a country I'm very, very proud of and that I know I can do good things in Lisbon for. Thank you to everyone who voted and supported me. This is amazing."