The Survivor merge took place in last night's (March 30) episode of the reality series and, as usual a contestant was sent home. However, the way in which Neal's game came to an end wasn't through the conventional Tribal Council, but instead saw him pulled from the game when an infection on his leg could have seen the break down of his leg joint within a matter of hours.

Neal / Credit: CBS

Neal / Credit: CBS

Before leaving, his ally Aubry wondered whether he would give her his Hidden Immunity Idol, but Neal left the game with the Idol in his pocket, either forgetting to give it to somebody he would have liked to see go all the way, or choosing to allow his fellow castaways to pave their own ways through the game.

Tribal Council was then cancelled allowing the rest of the remaining Survivor contestants another couple of days in the game and in next week's episode, it looks as if the former members of the Brains tribe are scrambling to try and find some allies in a quickly-shrinking cast.

Despite being pulled from the game, Neal was made the first member of this season's Jury, and will have the opportunity to cast a vote for the winner of $1 million.

Survivor continues Wednesdays, 8/7c on CBS.

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