Susanna Reid has ditched alcohol for a month.

Susanna Reid at the GQ Men of the Year Awards

Susanna Reid at the GQ Men of the Year Awards

The 47-year-old presenter was spotted having a late night out after the GQ Men of the Year Awards with her co-host Pier Morgan on Wednesday night (06.09.18), but she managed to escape a hangover when she was on air at 6am the next day.

Explaining how she managed to look so fresh faced on 'Good Morning Britain', she said: "I am sober for September, is that a thing? I've decided no alcohol for the entire month."

Although Susanna didn't reveal what prompted her to go off booze for a few weeks, she teased it was because of the night before.

She joked: "I decided that last night."

The star admitted she was left disappointed at the glitzy ceremony, as she was seemingly snubbed by Paul Weller as she tried to get the musician to speak to Piers in the press pen on the red carpet.

She explained: "Another journalist said he wasn't doing any press but she said we might have had a chance if I could get him, but I didn't."

Despite her embarrassment in that moment, Susanna was delighted with a guest she did get to speak to, as she managed to get a few minutes with Prince Charles.

The royal made his way off stage after receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award, and he walked straight over to the TV star and told her to "enjoy her dinner".

She was very pleased with herself, and admitted the moment was even sweeter when she saw how envious Piers was about her royal exchange.