Susannah Constantine says she is too old to be hit by the 'Strictly Come Dancing' curse.

Susannah Constantine

Susannah Constantine

The 56-year-old fashion expert has been married to Sten Bertelsen for 23 years and she insists neither of them are worried about her falling for her dance partner while competing in the BBC show.

She told The Sun: "I'm far too old for my husband to worry. We've been married for 23 years, we've been through so much."

And Susannah can't wait to slip into 'Strictly's sexy costumes but she does have some reservations.

She said: "Oh you have no idea!

"But everything - the attention to detail, the way everything is cut. I mean, they are master seamstresses those women. They are absolutely incredible.

"I'm following their lead, but I have a couple of things, which is no high necklines, and I don't want to show my arms. I'll do anything else."

Meanwhile, Susannah recently admitted she contemplated cheating on 'Strictly Come Dancing' by hiring a professional dance tutor to help her get ahead of her fellow contestants.

She confessed: "I thought about hiring professional help - a big 'Strictly' No-No. My husband even found me a local professional dance tutor, the son of his bike mechanic, but I didn't want to get done for cheating. In hindsight, I regret it."

The former 'What Not To Wear' presenter is feeling the pressure as some of her fellow celebrity competitors - including Pussycat Dolls star Ashley Roberts and Blue's Lee Ryan - have past experience in dance.

She said: "Unlike me, they all seem to be natural movers.

"I'm dismayed to say that some of them are trained dancers and managed to get our first routine down pat while barely breaking sweat."

During the lead up to 'Strictly', Susannah lost two stone and has set her own personal goals to fulfil.

Opening up on her aims, she said recently: "I want to prove to myself aged 56 post-menopause, that I can be fitter than ever before. In four years I am going to be 60. Before, I was thinking that life really is going to be over. Now I feel my age and so what? I have had an amazing life and you know what, no regrets."