12 weeks of brutal competition, unique tasks and strange requests from Lord Sugar came to a head this weekend, as the final episode of this year’s series of The Apprentice aired and saw history made. Lord Sugar, so enamoured by both of the candidates left in the process decided to break from traditions, hiring both finalists in a shock move that viewers have never seen happen before.

James and Sarah both saw investment from Lord Sugar / Credit: BBC

James and Sarah both saw investment from Lord Sugar / Credit: BBC

Sarah Lynn was given a £250,000 business investment and 50/50 partnership with Lord Sugar on her already successful sweets business, whilst James White received the exact same for his new recruitment business, placing him right at the centre.

Speaking with his advisors Karren Brady and Claude Littner during the final boardroom, Lord Sugar said: “It is quite obvious that there are two fantastically skilled people there. Sarah is very eloquent, she knows her business inside out, although why she hasn’t done the commercial website properly, I don’t get. With James, a very, very crowded market, but he has proved that he can do it when he worked for someone.”

Then bringing the candidates back into the boardroom he concluded: “James – crowded market, but I’ve had some experience with a similar person of a similar age who is making a lot, a lot of money.

“Sarah – sweets. I don’t have any experience of your business, ok. I’m going to say that I’m a gambler and I’ve always been a gambler in business.

“This particular year, I’m going to double my investment… I’m going to start a business with both of you!”

Later talking about the double investment, Lord Sugar said: “This is a historic moment I suppose, in the 13 years we’ve been doing this. And it’s really because of what I said in the episode. I couldn’t make a decision, it had to be both of them! They were two genuinely great experts in their field and I’m looking forward to going into business with them.”

The Apprentice will return for its 14th series in 2018, with applications now open at bbc.co.uk/apprentice

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