The Walking Dead is enjoying the second half of its seventh season right now, with fans split as to whether or not they’re getting behind the storylines writers and producers are presenting this time round.

Credit: AMC

Credit: AMC

One of the scenes that was universally loved in a recent episode however, was the one between Norman Reedus’ character Daryl, and Melissa McBride’s Carol.

Speaking about the scene, Reedus recently explained: “Before the first take, we tried to stay away from each other a little bit, to keep it fresh, we did a rehearsal and the doors opened and we both just burst into tears. I think everyone on set was crying that day.

“We have such a rapport, there’s a lot of Norman in those scenes, there’s a lot of Melissa in those scenes. She’s one of my best friends, so every time an episode comes on we’re texting throughout the whole thing to each other. I don’t know, they have a tight thing.”

Executive producer Greg Nicotero added: “I think the reason the show’s as viable and as popular after seven years, is the honesty that these people exude. As someone who directs a lot of the episodes, part of my job is just figuring out where to put the camera to let these guys do what they’re so good at.”

The chemistry between Reedus and McBride is something that fans have loved since day one. It’s great to know that the pair get on as well in real life as they do on the show; it brings just another layer of believability to the series.

The Walking Dead continues Sundays in the US on AMC and Mondays in the UK on FOX.

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