The Walking Dead is going through some major changes as of late. The first half of the current seventh season was a very sombre affair, with a pair of major deaths kick starting the batch of new episodes and the drama showing absolutely no signs of slowing down as the weeks rolled by. Now though, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and co. have got their mojo back and look more ready than ever before to begin fighting back against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors.

Credit: AMC

Credit: AMC

There are now just a few episodes left of the current season, and while speaking on’s recap show After the Dead, director and executive producer Greg Nicotero explained how different this year’s finale would be to the one we saw in 2016.

He said: “I think our momentum continues forward, and seeing where we are now, and these various groups of people, it really builds to a very different finale than we’ve done in the past. It was a blast to shoot, and we all went on pure adrenaline and pure instinct. And it was really, really a great experience.

“I mean this Episode 7x12 was a great experience, too, because I really felt like I had a great chance to allow Danai [Gurira] and Andy [Lincoln] a chance to play with their characters a little bit. And there were certain takes where we went really big and really over the top, and then we sort of dialled it in as we went.”

Nicotero also opened up once more about the complaints the show has seen, whether it’s because of the amount of violence included or something else entirely. He responded to those complaints: “It’s really important that our audience understands that, listen, sometimes you’re watching something that might be uncomfortable, but there is a means to the end. The satisfying aspect of these episodes is because we built to it.”

The Walking Dead continues Sundays on AMC in the US and Mondays on FOX in the UK.

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