Theo James has revealed it's unlikely the original cast of the Divergent movie series will be making their return for upcoming TV movie Ascendant. Lionsgate decided that the final instalment in their Divergent releases would go straight-to-television after all three releases failed to impress in the box office, which upset some fans but was understandably the best decision for the company to make.

Theo James

Theo James

James said when asked about the final movie by TooFab: "My message would be 'Thanks for the support.' I think it's a shame that we can't finish the story, but I think it's evolving in a place where the actors that have been in the three movies probably won't be in whatever it evolves to in the future."

James played Four in the Divergent series, who quickly became the love interest to lead female protagonist Tris, played by Shailene Woodley. He was a hit with fans of the book for his portrayal, but unfortunately the interest in the films quickly fizzled out.

It's disappointing that the final Divergent movie won't see the original cast return, even if it's just James who's decided that the final hoorah isn't for him. Seeing new faces in the roles won't feel right, but if Lionsgate want to give fans the official ending they deserve, they're going to have to hire some new names.

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