It seems Netflix aren't quite done milking the cash cow that is their beloved Tiger King series, as yet another string of special episodes are heading to the streaming platform a little later this month (December 2021).

Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story will ask the question, is the titular personality a simple showman, or a con man? As they delve into the reality of the situation, the truth behind the eccentric, animal-loving facade emerges, as Netflix promise to expose "his lifelong abuses of power".

Always enjoying the spotlight, Antle has built his career on theatrics and attracted a slew of fans along the way. Beneath all of that however, lies what Netflix describe as "a predator far more dangerous than his beloved big cats" as well as "a man shadier than any of his Tiger King counterparts".

Over three episodes, Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story unpacks a stunning story of abuse and intimidation, inviting witnesses forward to show Antle for what he really is.

The new release comes just a few weeks after the second season of Tiger King dropped, which was made up of five episodes that looked at the impact the original season had on its participants.

Carole Baskin was against the use of her footage in the show, after refusing to take part, but is now trying to sue the streaming service for using her image.

Netflix responded by saying that Baskin had signed nine appearance releases as well as two location release agreements on their original contracts, which "explicitly" give them the right to use the footage they collected as they see fit both now, and down the line.

Something tells us that the legal matters for the streaming platform aren't over, if the synopsis for this new show is anything to go by...

Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story comes to Netflix on December 10th, 2021
Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story comes to Netflix on December 10th, 2021

Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story premieres on Netflix on December 10th, 2021.

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