Tim Vincent was inundated with "rude pictures" from fans during his time on 'Blue Peter'.

Tim Vincent

Tim Vincent

The 45-year-old presenter appeared on the children's programme between 1993 and 1997 but admitted that some of the correspondence he received from adult viewers of the show was extremely racy.

Speaking to The Times, Tim said: "Fan is short for fanatic. When I was on 'Blue Peter' there would be 8,000 letters a week and Cilla in the correspondence unit would have a pile of stuff for you to sign. You'd get wise after a while and you'd say 'Come on Cilla, what else has come through?' She'd open up a drawer and there would be all kinds of rude pictures."

While the show was a programme for kids, Tim says he often meets adults who were huge fans, including former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan.

He said: "Half of our audience were adults. This last week I interviewed Pierce Brosnan and off-camera he started to go, 'Oh God, 'Blue Peter'... I used to really fancy Valerie Singleton.' That's an ex-James Bond."

Tim has joined forces with former 'Blue Peter' stars Peter Purves, Janet Ellis, Mark Curry and Peter Duncan for a new show 'Once Seen on Blue Peter: Makes, Bakes and Outtakes' at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

And although Tim - who went on to become a TV presenter in the US - is now happy to embrace 'Blue Peter', he admitted that he tried to distance himself from it in the past.

He said: "I do embrace it now but I don't think it was a coincidence that I ended up doing a show in the United States."