Tina Stinnes thinks Frankie Gaff is the most annoying person on social media, although she doesn't follow her.

Tina Stinnes

Tina Stinnes

The 22-year-old reality star previously came to blows with her 23-year-old 'Made in Chelsea' co-star after claims she had kissed Frankie's ex-boyfriend Jamie Laing and the pair flirted up a storm on the last season of the E4 programme.

And the two blonde beauty's have not put their feud to rest as Tina still gets frustrated by Frankie's online presence, although the pair do not follow one another on Instagram.

When asked what co-star irritates her the most on the photo-sharing site to New magazine, the television personality said: "Frankie Gaff, but I don't follow her - I just get shown."

However, the star is a huge fan of the former 'Love Island' contestant Olivia Buckland, and she will happily check out her posts on the platform instead.

Tina said: "Liv Buckland. I love her."

Meanwhile, Tina has admitted she is an avid fan of Instagram, and she will often have a "debate" with herself about what photographs to upload on the site.

She said: "Instagram because I like to scroll through everyone's pictures. I also love Snapchat - I love to put a filter on my selfie face.

"[But] I often have to debate putting a selfie up in case it's too revealing."

And Tina will also delete images she has shared with her over 200,000 followers.

She added: "I've also deleted photos if I'm in the same dress twice. I sound pathetic."

And Tina has no shame in asking a person who is taking a shot of her to take "a thousand" attempts so she can select the best one.

She explained: "Sometimes you get lucky with one, but normally I ask whoever is taking my photo to take a thousand and then I can choose one. If there isn't one, I'll make them start again. I'm quite fussy."