Tom Ellis has hinted 'Lucifer' could be picked up by Netflix and saved for a fourth series.

Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis

The hugely popular comic book adaptation has been cancelled by Fox - along with a host of other shows such as 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' - but the leading man has suggested there are talks to save the show beyond its third season.

Speaking on BBC's 'Newsnight', Tom said: "Listen, I'm not in a place to talk about conversations that are or are not happening.

"All I know is that a conversation has been sparked by this and we are trying to find a place. I think the obvious place would be somewhere like that.

"Those are potentially exciting places. But who knows. Watch this space, is all I can say."

The 39-year-old actor admitted he was devastated when he heard the network's decision, but that the response from fans has made him determined for the show to find another home.

He added: "I was a bit crushed when we heard the news and I didn't really know what to do with it, and then when the news broke I was absolutely bowled over by the response.

"It's kind of encouraged not only myself but the people who make this show to try and find a home for it because it feels such a shame that so many people feel so upset that it's finished so abruptly."

Tom urged fans not to take their frustrations out on Fox, adding that they must have their reasons.

He explained: "It just obviously didn't make sense for them to continue doing it for whatever reason. But unfortunately the people who get left out in that equation is the fans."