Tom Fletcher has admitted it "means so much" to him to pay tribute to 'Back to the Future' on 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

Tom Fletcher

Tom Fletcher

The McFly frontman and his professional partner Amy Dowden will take to the floor for a jive to 'Johnny B. Goode', the theme tune from his favourite film, for Movie Week this weekend and he's admitted the dance will allow him to fulfill a dream.

He said: "This movie changed my life by the way. It means so much to me that we're getting to do this on Movie Week.

"My band is named after [Marty] McFly. This movie is the reason I play guitar and I'm in a band, so I'm living the dream on Saturday night.

"I do have a real guitar – I have Marty's guitar."

But with the pair having missed last weekend's show due to positive coronavirus tests, they were still in isolation for part of this week, meaning training hasn't been easy as they've done a lot of it via video call from their respective homes.

Speaking on spin-off show 'It Takes Two', Tom admitted: "It was really tough. I mean, I tried my best. It's really hard doing it on your own, so getting in the room yesterday with each other, it suddenly feels like, 'Oh I understand what that's supposed to look like'."

The couple found it "heartbreaking" missing last weekend's show but spent the evening on the phone together, watching the other couples dance on TV.

Tom said: "It was so heartbreaking to miss it.

"I think realised how special it is to be part of 'Strictly', and having to watch everyone, it was so difficult.

"I'm very pleased we are back for movie week."

Amy said: "I'm not going to lie, obviously it is the first one watching from the sofa since joining the show. It was really tough...not being part of it.

"We were on the phone to each other."

Tom added: "Yeah all night, wishing we were there!"

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