'Top Gear's Rory Reid felt like he'd been "parachuted into a war zone" when he joined the revamped motoring show.

Matt LeBlanc, Chris Evans and The Stig

Matt LeBlanc, Chris Evans and The Stig

The 36-year-old presenter joined the rebooted programme earlier this year as one of its hosts alongside Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans and has admitted he felt like he'd been thrown into a battlefield when he first arrived to shoot the new series.

Speaking to RedBull.com, he said: "Well it's been a very intense experience, way more involved than I ever thought any show could be. The level of scrutiny that the show is under has just been absolutely immense.

"The way I thought about it was like being a soldier parachuted into a war, and you have some people that are on your side, and some people that are not on your side, and then you have the rest of them who are just watching to see what happens anyway."

Following Chris' recent departure after the conclusion of the last series, the hosting line-up is currently up in the air but Rory is convinced he'll be called back to present.

He explained: "I haven't signed a contract yet, and I don't know if anyone else has, but the expectation is that we will continue without Chris ...

"Let's assume that everyone except Chris Evans remains on the show; then I think that the format has to change."

Chris, who had signed a three-year deal back in December to host the show, sensationally quit the car show last month after the final episode pulled in its lowest viewing figures since 2002.