Vicky McClure stars as Lana in Jed Mercurio's latest drama Trigger Point / Picture Credit: ITV
Vicky McClure stars as Lana in Jed Mercurio's latest drama Trigger Point / Picture Credit: ITV

Jed Mercurio’s Trigger Point made its long-awaited debut on ITV last night (January 23rd, 2022), but many viewers took to social media to air their confusion over some particular moments in the show, which saw bomb disposal experts Lana (Vicky McClure) and Joel (Adrian Lester) repeatedly remove their helmets, despite moving into some of the most dangerous, life-threatening situations possible.

As they attempted to bring a peaceful end to a bomb threat, and even approached a man who had a jacket full of explosives strapped to him, they would remove the protective gear, leaving those at home scratching their heads.

Now, McClure has explained how the actions actually make perfect sense, in a chat with Digital Spy and other media outlets.

[Wearing a helmet] could actually be distracting, depending on the sort of small space that you might be working in," she said.

“Also, if it was to knock anything, it could just be a dangerous thing. The fact is that if the explosion did go off, that little helmet is not going to help so it’s best that it’s taken away.”

The Trigger Point cast were actually advised by real-life experts as part of their preparation for their roles, but with no female EXPOs in the Met Police right now, McClure also had an opportunity to craft exactly how a woman would act in those situations.

Unsurprisingly, they would react just as a man would.

Discussing her chat with two experts, she revealed: "You know, it made complete sense, everything they were saying, and you just start getting into their headspace. They were really giving me not just the technical advice, but the emotional advice too."

Trigger Point continues on ITV, Sundays at 9pm. You can catch-up with the episodes so far on the ITV Hub.

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