Trisha Goddard once tried to take her own life after hitting rock bottom.

Trisha Goddard

Trisha Goddard

The 60-year-old TV presenter - who rose to fame in the late 90s for her hit daytime chat show 'Trisha' - has opened up about how her mental health issues drove her to drink, and she slit her wrists.

Speaking in a Channel 5 documentary, 'Me and My Mental Health', She said: "I'd been running and running to escape all sorts of thoughts.

"It was 3am and skidding thoughts were going over: 'You're filth, you're crap, you're no good, you think you're a big shot.'

"The next thing I knew I had a knife in my hand. I'd hacked at my wrists. Even now I still don't have all feeling in my arm. It took me almost a year of physio. I did not see that as suicide. I saw that as 'make it stop.' "

The talk show host - who lost her sister, Linda, to suicide in 1988 - went on to spend five weeks in hospital after being rushed to hospital.

Trisha explained: "The really wonderful thing about suicide watch is when you're sleeping, every 15 minutes a nurse comes round and shines a torch into your eyes and asks if you're awake.

"You wake up and say 'no' and then they know you're not dead."

Trisha suffered another near-death experience when she took too many painkillers, but changed her outlook on life after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008.

She said: "The weird thing is that when I got told I had breast cancer and then when I was told it had spread somewhat, I was like, 'S**t' I want to live."